Strix R72 Kettle Control, Switch and Thermal Fuse

August 10, 2009

The Strix R72 is a kettle or jud steam control incorporating self-resetting protection against accidental dry switch-on of the appliance or boiling dry.

Additionally, a ‘Thermal Fuse’ gives protection against dangerous over-heating in the unlikely event of the dry switch-on protector failing.



  • Three levels of appliance protection
  • Proven reliability minimise the need for appliance end of line testing.
  • Specifically designed for low installed cost and simple assembly operation.
  • Many variants allow maximum appliance fesign flexibility.
  • World-wide approvals facilitate entry to the international market place.
  • Designed to interface directly with the Stix Cordless Systems P69 and P75

Functional Description:
The control is designed for incorporation with the cosmetic cover of the kettle or jug, its tip lever interfacing with the switching arrangement of the manufacturer’s appliacne. The control comprises two single-pole switches, one in the line supply to the element and the other in the neutral. The neutral contacts are opened by the steam thermostat which also causes the trip lever to latch into the “Off” position. The silver line contacts are operated by the dry switch-on protector which responds to the heat conducted from the element should the element over-heat due to the lack of water in the appliance. The steam thermostat is operated by steam ducted into the control via a small hole near the top of the vessel or tube arrangement within th eappliance handle/cover/ This switches the appliance off when boiling occurs. The Thermal Fuse acts as an ultimate safety device to open the neutral contacts. This is a “one shot” device. (The appliance requires servicing once the thermal fuse has operated).


2 Responses to “Strix R72 Kettle Control, Switch and Thermal Fuse”

  1. Korkmaz Says:

    where can I find Strix R7225H Kettle Control switch and thermal foot or would you send me a piece!
    Thank you.

    IM TRIEB 25/1
    89079 ULM

    • karisimby Says:


      Thanks for the comment.
      Unfortunately I can not send you any of the items, so the best thing to do would be contact Strix directly and find out where you can purchase their products.

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