Strix P69 Cordless System

August 10, 2009

The Stric P69 is a one piece, low cost cordless interface system incorporating contacts designed for robustness and reliability. It is designed to interface directly with the universally recognised Strix R72 and Strix R3 controls, and to allow the use of cosmetically co-ordinated base mouldings.



  • One piece cordless system that connects directly to standard Strix controls
  • Compatible with Strix R72 and Strix R3 controls allowing simple, robust conversions to cordless appliances
  • Assembled into power base from one side allowing simplified and fast assembly times
  • Small intrusion into appliance rear cover minimising design modification for cordless variant
  • Allows the use of colour co-ordinated cosmetic cover

Functional Description
The p69 comprises a single skeleton contact housing designed to be incorporated within the confines of the cordless base mouldings. It contains high quality conductors terminated with 4.8mm x 0.8mm male tab connextors to allow for ease of assembly. The entry ports into the contact housing are deisnged to exceed all electrical safety regulations but noonetheless both they are the contacts within are shrouded by a smooth shutter. The earth pin slides the shutter open as teh appliance is placed on the base. The pins of the R7 and the R3 control are then allowed to penetrate the housing and make electrical contact. The components are so arranged that the earth pin will always contact first and break contatct last, circuit continuity always being made and broken by the line pin. It follows that by fitting a P69 compatible Strix R72 and Strix R3 control and by simply changing the back cover somponent, the appliance can be convewrted from corded to cordless. The whole assembly is designed to minimise water ingress and to ensure electrical creepage and clearance path cannot be bridged.


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