Parts of a Kettle

August 9, 2009

To get a better understanding of the inner workings of a kettle i disassembled a generic electric kettle. 


Parts of a Kettle:

1. Power cable with Strix P69 Cordless System
2. Base moulding
3. Water reservoir
4. Handle with lid mechanism
5. Heating Element
6. Removable filter
7. Bottom of base moulding
8. Lid release mechanism
9. Lid release button
10. Lid release mechanism
11. Rubber seal
12. Strix R72 kettle control, switch and thermal fuse
13. LED
14. Bi-metallic disk


2 Responses to “Parts of a Kettle”

  1. zzz Says:

    where can i get all the parts dimensions??

  2. FRANS DU TOIT Says:

    most informative and helpful in lesson prep on this domestic appliance

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