April 15, 2009

Rheem® began operations in Australia in 1936 as the first overseas venture of Rheem Manufacturing company, an American drum manufacturer.

Rheem first manufactured gas water heaters in Australia at Waterloo, an inner Sydney suburb in 1939. Electric water heaters commenced manufacture in 1945.

Over the years, the Rheem product range has diversified and has set up manufacturing plants as markets have developed. The most up-to-date technology has been installed to keep Rheem at the forefront of manufacturing techniques.

Some major milestones along the way have been:

* In 1939, BHP purchased a 50% share in the company, which at that time was making drums at Waterloo.

* In 1973, BHP purchased the American interest in Rheem Australia Limited, making Rheem a truly Australian company.

* In 1988, Southcorp Limited (then South Australian Brewing Holdings) purchased Rheem, which then became known as Southcorp Water Heaters.

* In January 2002, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheem Manufacturing in the U.S.A., which is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of Paloma Industries Ltd in Japan, a world leader in water heater technology and manufacture. Subdsidiaries of Paloma now include Rheem Australia, Rheem New Zealand, Hotstream in China, and Rheem U.S.A.

Rheem Australia Pty Ltd is headquartered with its manufacturing operations in the Sydney suburb of Rydalmere.



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