Capability Statement

March 16, 2009

For the past 5 years I have been studying Industrial Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).  During my time at RMIT I have been exposed to a rich world of creative thinking, analysis and software which, when coupled with the professional advice and support from lecturers and peers has allowed me to explore my own creativity in design.

Even before starting my student life at RMIT, I always had a passion for creative problem solving which has only been strengthened by the content this course has offered me. Specifically, the course has assisted me in developing my own way of thinking and method of approach to different problems, as well as introducing a wide range of software programs and equipment to aid me in my search for solutions.

One of my first experiences with Industrial Design was developing a Christmas Bud Light Display. The designs were modelled and rendered in an industry standard software suite, patented under my name and then presented to Arlec ©, a large manufacturer of Bud Lights. After several meetings Arlec © took the designs and manufactured prototypes ready for production. They are currently in the process of speaking with their clients, Bunnings Group Limited, to see if they are interested in placing the product in their stores.

Christmas Bud Ligh Display

Another project that I had the privilege of working on was for a company called Maletti. This particular company is a manufacturer and supplier of furniture and accessories for the hair and beauty market. I was approached and requested to design a range of hair dryer holders and mirror stands. In this project, there were a number of constraints to consider. Firstly the size of openings was a physical constraint on the dimensions of the products design. In order to comfortably fit he product, the mirror stand had to accommodate the required mirror size and take into consideration how it was to be fastened to the mirror itself. Finally the products had to be made from stainless steel to fit in with their existing range. After several sketches and concepts were developed a small selection was chosen to be further refined. Once the designs were resolved, detailed 3d models were created using SolidWorks which were then used to generate a series of technical drawings that were sent for laser cutting. Once the parts were complete they were sent to a fabricator that had been recommended by Maletti where they were bent and polished as required. The finished prototypes were then presented to Maletti, who were very pleased with the outcome. The products are currently up for sale online. Maletti has expressed interest in working together on future products.


One of the first Adobe Flash projects I worked on was a simple presentation for a company called The company was attempting to sell their e-commerce system to the State Government and needed a professional looking presentation to explain their system in detail. After a number of mock-ups the client selected the look they preferred, this was further fleshed out to create a projectable presentation. Due to the complex nature of their system, the need for confidentiality and absolute clarity was a must therefore a high level of communication between myself and the client was required to meet this end. After completing the design, content integration and animation, the pitch was presented to the client. The presentation was a great success and the client was called back for another meeting. approached me yet again as they required the presentation to be adjusted for their next meeting. A similar process was used to create the second presentation. Since the original project they have asked for me to complete several minor projects, such as animated banners and icons for their website.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with QubeGroup on the Melbourne ROMP project. ROMP is an annual fund raising event for the Burnet Institute, in which groups of people go on an interactive treasure hunt around Melbourne. The work that was required from me was to animate 3 banners, using Adobe Flash, to appear on the official ROMP website. There was a very specific art style so all of the art work was provided. Once I received the story boards I animated each of the figures to tell each of the stories in the allocated time frame. There were very stringent requirements in terms of the size of each banner; this was possibly the most challenging part of the project. Due to the complex art style, the banners exceeded the size requirements and required several adjustments. In the end, the client was very pleased with the result and the fund raising event was a great success. QubeGroup have asked for me to collaborate with them on future projects.

ROMP story 3

Lateral thinking has been one of my strengths from a very young age; as my personal thought processes has matured I find that I am not bound by contemporary methodologies. I prefer to approach things from different and often varying angles as I believe it aids my creative process.

I have developed a good understanding of several programs while working on my projects, with this knowledge I am able to create whatever is required using these programs.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard of image manipulation software and it is my tool of choice. It is very versatile and easy to work with once you know the basics. I have used this program for several of my projects to adjust images and improve colours. While working on a project for the Australian Children’s Literacy Board (ACLB) I needed to create two documents; an application form and a newsletter. I used Photoshop to create banners from stock photos for the documents. Once the banners were complete I exported them into Adobe Illustrator to complete the layout of the newsletter and application form. Adobe Illustrator is a vector based program commonly used to create vector graphics and layouts for posters, business cards etc. I used Illustrator to complete the documents by finalising the layout, placing vector elements, text and writing fields where required.

ACLB cover

Flash is a popular motion graphics program which is used to create animations, websites, applications, games etc. ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language used by Flash. It is used to add interactivity to applications and allows for a high level of control and versatility. I have spent a lot of time using Flash, specifically while working on the ROMP and Projects. The ROMP project used only basic animation techniques however the project required ActionScripting as it was an interactive presentation.

When it comes to designing products the 3d modelling software I use is SolidWorks. It is a program I use frequently to create 3d models and generate technical drawings. SolidWorks has a range of modelling techniques that I am proficient in such as surface modelling and solid modelling which have different results and applications.

One of my passions is photography. It has become something that I crave to do in my free time. I have a Canon EOS 350D, an entry level DSLR, a Canon EOS 630, a 1989 35mm SLR, and an Olympus Camedia C-770, a small 10x optical zoom digital camera. I try to visit new locations when time allows to experiment and capture interesting shots. Sometimes I am able to use these photos in other areas of my work such as presentations and graphical work. In the future I would love to buy a Canon EOS 5D because it is a professional level full frame camera.

I am very interested in technology, in particular information technology. I find any new developments in technology and processes very fascinating. As a result of this my computer has become an extension of me, as it connects me the rest of the world and provides me with information I am interested in. My computer has also allowed me to experiment with several CAD programs and refine my skills to a professional level. I hope that I can further familiarise myself with software such as 3d Studio Max and After Effects because it may open up even more opportunities.

Upon completion of my Bachelor of Design degree I would love to further improve my skills in the broader field of design. I find the idea of starting a Graphic Design course very appealing as it will provide me with an excellent platform to start my own design firm. The many projects I have worked on has given me great insight into the workings of the design industry and has provided me with a vast network of contacts that will undoubtedly help me to launch into a successful career in the design industry.


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